As per the part of the curriculum, every Trainees of Every Batch of JK centre for Technician Training make one or more than one marketable project either in a group or individual under proper guidance & supervision of his faculty. The objective behind this is to develop the self confidence of the Trainees & promote the self employability in the trainees.

 In the few last batches the Trainees have developed some good & commercial projects like car parking Shed of 2000 sq ft at Kamla Nagar, Car Jack, Stool, Multipurpose Bench, Voltage Stabilizer, Extension Board, Newspaper/Magazines Trolley, Newspaper Reading Stand, Road Barrier, Conveyer Belt, Bearing Puller, Trolley etc.

  • Security shed

  • Moving Trolley

  • Practice Model

  • Practice Model

  • Extension Board

  • Car Jack

  • Shed

  • Stool

  • Standee

  • Seating Bench

  • Sign Board

  • Light Road Barrier

  • Heavy Road Barrier

  • News Paper Trolley

  • News Paper Reading stand

  • Multi Purpose Bench

  • Car Parking shed