45 Days Intensive hands on vocational training in terms of skills, knowledge and personality

  • 3 hrs daily with 6 days a week with weekly Test in both theory & practical based on the topics covered.
  • End Program assessment consisting of Theory, Practical & Viva through external panel of faculty.
  • Behavioural skills, attitude, discipline and overall personality development with interview & soft skills.

After completion of the course, the trainees will be able to do the followings :

  • Be an entrepreneur by opening their own service center or shop.
  • Work as a Mobile in Engineer in various service centers.
  • Perform Circuit testing of all mobiles.
  • Change IC of all kinds of Mobile.
  • B.G.A. IC reballing
  • Software installation of all phones (Flashing).
  • All types of unlocking...
  • Upgrade & Root Android Phones.
  • Wi-Fi Connecting & using All Multimedia phones.
  • Software application installations & using of all Phones.
  • Special Commands on Flasher Boxes.

Three Months training includes the following topics :

Mobile Technician Course

Registration Fee : 1,200.00

Course Fee  : 2,500.00

Total Course Fee : 3,700.00