Three Months Intensive hands on vocational training in terms of skills, knowledge and personality

  • 6 hrs daily with 6 days a week with daily & weekly Test in both theory & practical based on the topics covered.
  • End Module assessment consisting of Theory, Practical & Viva after every Month through external panel of faculty.
  • Behavioural skills, attitude, discipline and overall personality development with interview soft skills.
  • Detail mark sheet which includes the entire topic taught during the training.

After completion of the course, the trainees will be able to do the followings:

  • Simple and precision measurements.
  • Competent to use general fitting tools.
  • Capable to execute all hand operation using fitter tools.
  • Make and fit various machine parts as per drawing.
  • Perform Machining operations i.e. drilling, turning, taper turning, threading.
  • Do general shop maintenance work i.e. repair, over hauling , oiling greasing and replacement of parts, etc.
  • Make riveted, treaded and welded joints.
  • Do sheet metal operations.
  • Do Plumbing (pipe fitting) works.
  • Does heavy and small fabrication work.

Three Months training includes the following topics :

Safety, Introduction to tools and drawing, Marking and Measurement, Manual Metal Removing, Cutting & Shaping Processes, Machine Shop Operations, Common Joining Processes, Sheet Metal Work, General Shop Maintenance, Pipes and Pipe Fitting, Heavy Structural work etc.