Q. How will you train the students in three months only as it is a two years programme?

A. Our course programme is 4 hours daily intensive hands on training and more focussed on workshop with all the tools and equipments. We train all the skills to the students required to work in the industry in all trades.

Apart from this, we use teaching methodology like power point presentation, Video and demonstration in the class. More over in 2 years programme, the important and practical part which is given to the students is of 340 hours and we get more than that.

Q. Will the students be placed by the centre?

A. So far we have achieved almost 100% placement. After successful training the trainees are sent for interview in the companies by the centre for placement. We have placed our trainees not only in India but also abroad.

Q. Will your certificate be acceptable by all?

A. This is an open degree certification programme just like NIIT, Aptech, Microsoft and Cisco so this will be acceptable by all private companies not only in India but also in abroad.

Q. How your students will be different from those who are trained in two years programme?

A. We train students not only in technical part but also behaviourally. We train them as soldier craftsman.