ITI Electrician

Electricity has become a basic need of our nation’s progress. A Lot of Electrical Devices & Circuits are applied in domestic & Industrial field. Therefore, a great opportunity is waiting for the technicians having practical knowledge about Electricity & Electrical devices.

During the 02 years curriculum of this NCVT affiliated trade, a Trainee learns about the fundamental principles of Electricity. He practices for repairing & maintenance of Households & Industrial wiring, various Electrical machines & devices (both AC & DC).

The Electrical section of the Institute possesses a well designed classroom, a workshop equipped with all sophisticated tools, equipments & devices meeting up to date requirement, well qualified Instructors & technicians.

The workshop is designed to give a broad overview of the foundation of the trade. It contains all kinds of necessary general Electrical Tools & Instruments. It has different types of generators, Alternators, Motors, Transformers, winding machines, Oil Testing Kit, Thyrister, panels, AC & DC Machine trainers & many more.

After Successful completion of the training, a Trainee either can go for higher Studies like Diploma or can join both public & Private sector for employment. One can also go for self employment related to the field.