Three Day Advanced Technician Training Program for UPSDM & ITI Trainees at IIT Kanpur Central Workshop

As per the MOU of JK centre for Technician Training with IIT Kanpur regarding the advanced workshop Training, A Three Day Technician Training Program for the Electrical & Mechanical trainees concluded at IIT Kanpur on Saturday, 24th Dec 2016. The Program was organized by the Central workshop of IIT Kanpur for the Trainees of JK centre for Technician Training (JK CTT) from 22nd to 24th Dec 2016
A Total of best 50 trainees of UPSDM & ITI getting training in Mechanical fitter & Electrician Trade got an opportunity to learn advanced skills from the experienced staff members of the central workshop & the department of Mechanical Engineering with Electrical & Electronics of the Institute. The trainees will also get a certificate from the IIT Kanpur.
This is the 1st of it’s kind of any association of a vocational Training Centre with the Institute like IIT Kanpur.
This was the 6th batch of JK centre for Technician Training for the workshop at IIT Kanpur. The entire course was conducted & co ordinated by the staff members of JKCTT Kanpur & IIT kanpur under the supervision Mr. Lalit Khanna, Head of Operations JKCTT & Prof Sameer Khandekar, Head of central workshop IIT Kanpur.